Exclusive Work

We work exclusively with only one business owner in a particular industry per area.

This means not fighting over shared leads with your competition.

All of our SEO marketing work is completely focused on building your business into the local, leading authority in your industry.

Law firms need more cases

Contractors need more jobs

Realtors need more buyers

Plastic Surgeons need more clients

Dentists need more patients

We deliver real time, exclusive leads/cases/buyers/patients/clients/customers/etc laser targeted to your specific industry and location.

This is a simple, yet very important, foundational concept at Real Time Lead Gen. So let’s make the distinction clear between what we offer compared to many other so-called lead gen or marketing companies.

Fresh, real time, is just that. Through our online marketing strategies we generate phone calls to your business from live, real people looking to buy your product or hire your services.

No stale leads that are days, weeks, or months old. And they are NOT shared with a single one of, let alone all of, your competitors.

By a variety of methods We’ll make your phone ring! via SEO/internet marketing, video marketing, press release campaigns, and pay per click (PPC).

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