Bloomsburg Movers Case Study & Asset Rental Opportunity

Because we have an existing website generating live calls from local customers looking for a moving company…we are looking for ONE moving company to exclusively rent these assets and enjoy more moving jobs added to their bottom line.

It’s first come first serve, call us now before your competition does, we only work with one local company per industry and location exclusively.

$600/Month or a discounted $6,000/Year to rent said website which includes:

  • Fully Optimized Main Website
  • Accompanying Google Local Maps Listing
  • Video Marketing Campaign
  • And most importantly, as mentioned above, all of the live, local customers that are calling, in real time, looking for a local moving company to hire.

Call  us now to start receiving more calls to your mover business TODAY!

(570) 316-4775

As shown in the dashboard screenshots below, our call tracking software for this project shows this site is averaging a dozen or so moving calls per month.

This call volume will grow significantly as we continue marketing the website and associated assets both locally in the rather small town (15k population) of Bloomsburg as well as expanding into the nearby larger cities of Wilkes Barre, Williamsport, etc.

These calls could be forwarding in real time right now to your phone instead of our internal voicemail. Call us today to make that switch

(570) 316-4775




We pride ourselves on being the best moving company in Pennsylvania!
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