Exclusive Water Damage Restoration Leads

Water Damage Leads

Our primary business model is Pay Per Lead also known as Pay Per Call which is exactly how it sounds.

Our marketing campaigns generate phone calls to our restoration clients from local homeowners in immediate need of restoration work.

We invoice clients (strictly for valid leads only) on the first of every month for the previous months leads.

Using trackable phone numbers that forward to your business line in real time, it’s easy (no guesswork) to track results, making sure that you are only billed for calls directly generated from our work.

We can set the call flow however you want depending on your needs.

We can forward the calls to one single number, or many all at the same time.

We can also set it to ‘Round Robin’ mode, where the first call rings to phone number 1, the second call rings to phone number 2, etc…automatically spreading the workload out to your people in the field and/or back at the office.

Don’t want 24/7 emergency calls? No problem! We can set the call flow to ring to your primary number during whatever active hours you want, then have them sent to a separate answering service.

Only want primary water mitigation calls and not mold remediation, fire damage, or biohazard?(or vice versa in any combination), that’s easily and automatically filtered and sorted out with the IVR we setup.

There are no long term commitments or contracts. You can quit or pause your project at any time for any reason without any sort of problem or penalty whatsoever.

In fact…in full, up front transparency, here’s the template for the simple, exclusive phone leads agreement that we use. It goes over how we define leads so it’s crystal clear for both parties, cost per lead, billing schedules, etc.

No fine print, no BS “legalese”, no hidden setup or any other fees after signing.

We fill that out with your company info, and send it to you via Docusign,  an online notary service.

We define a valid lead as any call over 90 seconds in length that is also specific to the location and service types (water mit, mold, fire, etc) that you set. This ensures you will not be charged for things such as wrong numbers, telemarketers, or other spam calls that aren’t actually valid customer calls. Or for services that you don’t offer.

Of course we manually filter all of those 90+ second calls to double verify that they are valid, and never charge you if they are not, with no argument.


You’ll be provided your own call tracking dashboard where you can:

  • Check your stats. Call volume, dates, times, numbers, whether they were answered or missed, etc.
  • Go over recordings with your staff to improve the call flow process in order to land more jobs. And to have a handy record of what was ACTUALLY said with the client or insurance adjuster.
  • Tag any telemarketing or other spam calls with a simple click of a button, which adds them to our cloud based blacklist, blocking them from ever calling back. This also automatically filters them from ever showing up on your invoice.
  • That said, we do this internally at the end of each month as well before issuing your invoice. So it’s a completely hands off process if you want it to be. We’ve also recently integrated the nomorobo service into our phone system. That, coupled with a good IVR, prevents the vast majority of robocalls and other spam from getting thru in the first place!

Remember that these are for EXCLUSIVE, real time, live calls direct with the local homeowner to your, and only your, phone.

We are NOT selling junk, stale form submits, voicemails you need to chase, or anything other than targeted , real time phone calls with the decision maker.

Targeted to your desired location and targeted to the specific services you want jobs for as noted above.

Let’s elaborate a bit on how and why we maximize results for our clients by recording all phone calls.

I’m sure you’ve called a company more than once and heard the typical disclaimer “This call may be monitored or recorded for quality or training purposes”.

We add a recording with the same disclaimer for legal reasons to the beginning of all calls…it plays for the customer calling in, you as the receiver don’t hear it.

And we do it for the same reasons. Being able to go over a call recording helps us help you in the following ways:

Going over how the call is initially answered…professional and friendly, or was it very off-putting or confusing?

Then we proceed through the rest of the call flow.

Was the customer satisfied with the answers being provided by your staff member answering the phone? Therefor landing you the job.

Or were they lacking in the knowledge (or people/sales skills) that they needed to turn that prospect into a paying job?

We use this information to make adjustments so you can land more jobs, help more people, and make more money (which is the only way that we make money).

Call or email us today to get started (570) 316-4775


We look forward to working with you!

P.S. In case you’re one of those people (like me) who just skip to the end of the page, here’s the deal:

  • Because you only pay for the leads you want, there is never any risk to you as the client
  • Leads are always 1000% exclusive and laser targeted to both your location and specific services (water mitigation, mold, fire, bio, etc)
  • We handle everything start to finish so you can focus on serving your customers
  • You have your own personal call tracking dashboard

Call or email us today to get started:

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Exclusive Water Damage Leads

We specialize in, and have been solely focused on, marketing and lead generation for the water damage restoration industry since 2015.

Real Time Lead Gen connects your restoration company with live, local customers in real time that are looking to hire you to fix their water and mold damage problems.

  • Exclusive work, exclusive leads, exclusive, real time calls direct with the local homeowner.
  • We leverage search engine, social media, and video marketing channels to accomplish this.
  • You can measure results by the significant increase in calls and jobs that our marketing campaigns generate.

We’ve been doing marketing and lead generation for various water damage restoration companies for nearly 8 years now with great success.

Leads are generated via marketing campaigns that create the right placement of one or more optimized websites and accompanying Local Maps listing in the search engines, mainly Google. This allows local homeowners, in immediate need of restoration services, to see our assets first and call our number (which forwards in real time to yours) vs your competitors.

For our Pay Per Lead option:

We create our own local brand and build our own website and other digital assets (we do tons of video and press release marketing as well) to generate the leads. We use our own brand with our own trackable phone number for tracking/billing purposes.

We consider valid, billable leads as any call over 90 seconds that are also specific to your location and specific services as noted above.


We’ve found that the initial 90+ second call time filters out most spam/telemarketers/robocalls/wrong numbers/etc.

Any other JUNK that still slips through we WON’T BILL YOU FOR! NO HASSLE OR ARGUMENT!

Prices per VALID lead:

$300 Primary Water Damage Leads as well as Fire & Storm

$150 Mold remediation

$200 Bio

And again, they are 1000% EXCLUSIVE to you, they will NEVER be shared or sold to any of your competitors. They are real, local customers on the phone in real time talking directly to you, and you alone, about their water damage or other restoration needs.

We ask for a single up front deposit towards your first 10 leads (weeds out the time wasting tire kickers). This is of course covered under our no BS guarantee described below.

Said leads will be delivered within 90 days (usually -30) from the start of our marketing campaign or we will refund said deposit in full.

Furthermore, as the campaign becomes successful we will deliver your first 3 leads for free.

After that, we simply bill you on the first of each month for the previous months leads and ONLY for VALID leads that we BOTH agree on as valid and billable.

WHY and HOW we leverage video marketing so much for our restoration clients

People love video content…and they really stand out in the search listings, grabbing their attention (and calls).

We use these to compliment the primary marketing campaign of the branded websites, Google My Business local maps listing, and press release distribution.

Below are some example templates of the lead generation videos that we customize and syndicate in order to generate even more jobs for your restoration company.

We’ll customize these templates with the appropriate branding, website, and most importantly the trackable phone number that forwards in real time to yours.

You’ll speak directly with the local homeowner that’s in immediate need of the specific water, fire, or storm damage restoration, or mold remediation services that you have to offer.

Water Damage Restoration Services Lead Generation Video Template

Water And Fire Damage Restoration Services Lead Generation Video Template

Storm Damage Restoration Services Lead Generation Video Template

Fire And Smoke Damage Restoration Services Lead Generation Video Template

Mold Remediation Services Lead Generation Video Template

If you’ve been asking yourself questions such as the following to generate marketing ideas for your restoration business, you’ve come to the right place because we have the answer!

“What’s the best way to market my restoration company?”

“How do I grow my restoration business?”

“How do I get more restoration jobs?”

“How do we get more water damage jobs?”

“How do I find quality water damage leads?”

We are experts in:

Disaster Restoration Digital Marketing

Marketing Plans For Restoration Companies

Water Damage Lead Generation

Water Mitigation Leads

Water Damage Restoration SEO Services

Pay Per Lead For Water Damage

Water Damage Restoration Pay Per Call

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