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Real Time Lead Gen connects your restoration company with live, local customers in real time that are looking to hire you to fix their water and mold damage problems.

  • Exclusive work, exclusive leads, exclusive, real time calls direct with the local customer.
  • We leverage search engine, social media, and video marketing channels to accomplish this.
  • You can measure results by the significant increase in calls and jobs that our marketing campaigns generate.

We’ve been doing marketing and lead generation for various water damage restoration companies for a number of years now with great success.

Some clients include Penn Restoration Pros, Becker Construction, and Zeisloft Construction CO.

Below are a few screenshots (with private information edited out) showing our call tracking dashboard for two of our clients as an example. It just shows the past current month as of today giving you an idea of what can be expected from two smallish sized cities of around 15k population each.

Calls/jobs go up accordingly for cities of higher population of course.

This is accomplished with a marketing campaign that creates the right placement of their website and accompanying Local Maps listing in the search engines, mainly Google, so that targeted, local customers see (and hire) them first vs their competitors.

We can do the same thing for your restoration company, regardless of location or size. Give us a call today to get started (570) 316-4775


And here are the call stats for another client based in a city of around 15k population as well.





As far as pricing, it’s simple:

All projects come with a 100% no BS 90 day money back guarantee. No hoops to jump thru. Your 100% happy with your results (You will be!) or we refund every penny, no questions asked.

There are NO setup fees or any other hidden costs.

Water damage restoration marketing projects start at a base of $750/month.

That gets added to the location pricing which is dependent on population/competition/potential lead volume as follows:

City population sizes

1.5mill+ $Custom

800k – 1.5mill $1k

275k – 800k $750

-275k $500

So for example a restoration company in Columbus, OH with a population of 787k would be $750 for the water damage industry + $750 for the location for a total of $1,500 per month.

Or a restoration company in Scottsdale, AZ with a population of approximately 217k would be $750 for the industry + $500 for the size of the city for a total of $1,250 per month.

Call or email us today to start enjoying more leads for your restoration company (570) 316-4775


Below are some examples of the lead generation videos that we customize with your branded information and market in order to generate even more jobs for your restoration company.

We use these to compliment the main marketing campaign of the company website and Google My Business local maps listing.

Water Damage Restoration Leads

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