Bloomsburg Real Estate Case Study

Here’s a “for sale by owner” situation that we helped the owner with by putting their information in front of the right people. Via our marketing methods leveraging Youtube videos and various Facebook and Google search listings we made sure that when someone was looking for a home for sale in Bloomsburg, this house showed up and connected them with the owner.

They were very happy with the results:









Bloomsburg PA homes for sale


And a similar project helping out the same owners at another property on 10th st that they owned and wanted to sell. Instead of getting lost in the sea of real estate listings, we made sure that their house got a prominent spot in the search listings when local people were searching for a home to buy in the area.


As well as multiple lots of land for sale

The same marketing strategies can be successfully applied to your real estate business as well to generate more leads and buyers for the listings that you manage. Call us today at (570) 316-4775 or send an email to to get started.

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Bloomsburg Movers Case Study & Asset Rental Opportunity