SEO For Lawyers

*Important Update* We are not currently providing marketing services for law firms.

We are strictly focused on generating the highest quality, exclusive, local leads for water damage restoration contractors.

This is to serve you as the client better and to maximize revenue for everyone.

We are still keeping this page up for a few reasons.

  1. Since we were in the legal marketing space for many years, we’ve accumulated a lot of “Link Juice” and topical relevancy that we don’t want to lose
  2. We accomplished some pretty amazing things before we decided to switch industries (#1 domination for the personal industry market in Philly and various large metros in FL and NJ as well) and want to keep our reviews and results showcased for reference
  3. Thinking long term, we may very well get back into the field once we are happy with how complete our company is in the restoration vertical. IE we’re 100% focused on water damage until our systems, processes, and the deep understanding of the industry that fuels both is where it needs to be before diversifying again

SEO for lawyers

Exclusive Lawyer Lead Generation Agency

C.L. – Personal Injury Law Firm in Philadelphia and New Jersey
“Calls are coming in pretty steadily for all 3 sites which is good, and signing some good cases up.”

C.M. – Personal Injury Law Firm in Boca Raton, Jacksonville, and Tampa Florida
“Justin Hess handles my SEO. He can be reached at the email address listed above. I highly recommend his services.”

Attorney SEO Internet Marketing Company

Real Time Lead Gen helps law firms obtain more clients by making them findable online. We leverage search engine, social media, and video marketing channels to accomplish this goal.

We are matchmakers that connect your law firm with live, local clients in real time looking to hire you for legal services.

You can measure results by the significant increase in calls and cases that our marketing campaigns generate.

Personal Injury Leads

Car and truck accidents, slip and fall, medical malpractice, mesothelioma, birth injury, dog bite, etc. type cases were some of the main target cases for these internet marketing projects.

Some clients include various personal injury law firms in Philadelphia and multiple large metro areas across Florida and New Jersey.

*Important Note* As mentioned at the top of this page, we have not actively worked in the legal marketing vertical for quite a few years now. The below are screenshots we took for our records from when we were actively (and very successfully) promoting each project.

We have had zero affiliation with any of them in a very long time. IE we have no idea where/if their sites are currently ranking for any of their keywords or even if their website (or their firm as a whole for that matter) are even still active.

This is for “proof of concept” if nothing else. Personal injury is one of the most competitive markets in the world, no exaggeration. And as you can see, we were dominating some of the largest metros in the country.

What does this mean to you?

If you’re a restoration company owner (our current target market) that found our site…your industry is WAAAAAY easier to “rank” and get leads for in comparison.

If you’re a law firm that found this particular page, well…if we ever get back into marketing for lawyers, you can see how well we did back then in the most competitive field (and locations) of your industry. Now with a decade more of experience and resources to boot!

Here’s one of the prime examples for ranking at the top for the most coveted keyword in the industry “personal injury lawyer” in one of the largest, most competitive (and lucrative) cities in the country (and world for that matter)…Philadelphia.

This was back when Google had their authorship tag up and running, and if you knew how to adjust the schema code on your site (as we did of course) you would get a nice, noticeable click through rate (CTR) boost from having it show up…and you can see why in the visual…I miss that!

main authorship screenshot of number one rankings for the philly injury lawyer project

philly injury 2013 multiple #1 rank tracker double listing in serps

philadelphia pa rank tracker stats of top serps positions

Dominating STATE BASED primary injury attorney terms in NJ

nj injury multiple #1 rank tracker

Our various Florida based injury lawyer SEO campaigns:

As well as a national life insurance attorney firm:

life insurance attorney marketing project top spot

attorney rankings from organic seo base injury lawyer keyword rankings in the top spot from organic search project various top spots in Google from our law firm marketing campaign on a national level

While we focused on injury and life insurance denial lawyers we also did some testing for some family/divorce attorneys as well (super easy in comparison).

Don’t mind the odd looking SERPS in the one graph, I had an SEO tool turned on to give me some additional data is all.

jax fl family attorney marketing campaign results

SEO Services For Law Firms

Serving all types of attorneys including but not limited to personal injury, life insurance, DUI, bankruptcy, family/divorce, immigration, maritime, nursing home, probate, real estate, business/tax, etc. firms.

Real Time Lead Gen lawyer seo consultants