Restoration Lead Examples

Here’s a few dozen real world examples of the type of hyper-targeted, real time, exclusive leads that we generate for our restoration clients.

These are actual recordings from live projects.

The only thing censored out is personal information such as specific addresses and phone numbers to respect people’s privacy.

One other note, some of theseĀ  recordings are full, live calls between the homeowner and the restoration company. Many of these recordings are voicemails from homeowners when I used to let some calls go to voicemail.

The voicemails still provide a lot of context on the type of calls we generate for clients.

Very targeted on both a service radius level and on a specific restoration service level.

At the time of writing this post, having so many full, long calls embedded on the same page made it load way to slowly. So I leveraged a bunch of shorter voicemails instead.

That said…

I no longer allow ANY calls to go to voicemail. The client either answers the calls I send them live, in real time, or they get forwarded to another company to answer.

In my experience most homeowners will not leave a voicemail. They will simply go to the second listing (we were the first of course) they see in Google and call the next guy.

If they come home to a flooded basement and a pipe spraying everywhere, you think they’re gonna leave a voicemail and sit back and wait/hope for a quick call back?

And even if they DO leave a voicemail…

I promise you they are still going to start calling down the rest of the list of your competitors…

…till someone answers the phone to fix their emergency water damage issue NOW!

That should match your experience as well if you are tracking your own call stats.

And if you’re not, why not?

I promise you you’re losing jobs if you’re not!

Water Damage Leads

Major damage from a burst pipe


Sprinkler system froze, burst, and “dumped water” all through the house all night…


Sprinkler system blew on the 6th floor of a building, affecting all six floors


Another busted sprinkler related water mit call, this time at a nursing home.


More burst pipe related mitigation work


Call from an insurance adjuster for help on a local fire and water damage claim


A FedEx office was flooded and needed help


Large loss situation at a hotel


A hair salon’s neighboring property flooded which resulted in their business being flooded as well


Insurance adjuster looking for help on a claim


One of this man’s investment properties had it’s basement flooded and needed water removal done


This man called in about his kitchen flooding causing water damage.


Residential water cleanup call.


Emergency call back situation.


This woman called in asking for restoration work from water damage in her home.


This lady called looking for an estimate for water damage issues.


Another woman looking for an estimate for restoration work.


Another quality lead.


And another, we generate these calls all day, every day for clients.


Emergency situation (as many are)


This poor woman was frantic and needed restoration ASAP!

Mold Remediation Leads


This gentleman bought a new home to remodel that had mold infestation in the subflooring so bad that it needed not only remediation but total reconstruction.


Another call from a man that wanted his whole basement treated for mold after seeing issues on his floor joists initially.


Yet another basement mold mitigation call after seeing issues on the floor joists. This guy is a real estate agent and discovered these problems during routine inspection for a sale to a new buyer. The home also had issues on the second floor with water damage and mold issues from a leaky roof.


This poor woman had been suffering from mold illness and was getting the runaround from a previous company. She wanted new testing and remediation done.


Flooded kitchen resulting in mold.


This woman found mold in her attic during a pre-sale inspection which needed treated along with replacement of the damaged insulation.


A couple more moldy basement related calls


There was fungus amongus in this man’s home!


This woman suspected mold so she called the pros (known as the local authority due to our marketing campaigns)


A couple more mold remediation leads.

Sewer Damage Leads


Here’s a call recording from a local church that had a room built over a garage with a raised floor over the piping where the sewer backed up.


This guy had a broken toilet flange which leaked everywhere, resulting in a need for a proper cleanup as well as recon of the subflooring and tile in his bathroom.


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Real Time Lead Gen restoration lead examples of call recordings