Restoration Marketing

We wanted to create a separate page dedicated to restoration marketing in a broader sense vs our more specific water damage leads page.


Marketing goes well beyond strict lead generation.

With the latter, it’s just a matter of sending qualified calls to you as the business owner.

Yes, of course that’s via different marketing methods, primarily search engine marketing and local maps listings.

But, this is done with our own branded assets vs yours. That way we can track said leads via trackable phone numbers that forward to yours in real time.

Restoration marketing

But a more complete water damage marketing campaign would include things such as:

SEO For Restoration Companies

  • Creating a complete SEO project for your own company brand and promoting you directly.
  • PR/Brand management
  • Customized press release and video syndication…again, for building your brand directly vs one we create.

Making you and your company the locally recognized authority in the water restoration industry.

This would also include running highly effective Pay Per Click campaigns direct to your company landing pages.

Water Damage Marketing

And as we as a company start moving away from strictly doing lead gen into actual equity/rev share based relationships with our clients.

For those new hybrid projects it starts to make sense financially to create direct mail and even TV commercial campaigns.

Something that wouldn’t make sense from an ROI perspective with our strictly pay per call model.

This is why we think for the best results possible, that this more complete marketing campaign is…

The Best Way To Market A Restoration Company

So if you really want to grow your restoration company…fill out our Discovery form here and...



water damage marketing