SEO Marketing

Leveraging the power of internet marketing to generate more customers for restoration clients.

That’s it in a nutshell, but it goes so much deeper than that in the “hows and whys” of what we do.

Search Engine Optimization Services

Search engine optimization or SEO for short is the science (and some, including me, would say the art) of manipulating (in a good way) all of the factors involved, both onsite and off page, that Google’s algorithm uses to rank certain websites for certain keywords.

SEO services via Google organic search

It’s generally referred to as targeting “organic traffic” vs paid traffic (such as running Google Adwords or Facebook retargeting ads).

That said, it’s certainly far from being “free traffic”. It takes a lot of various resources to do it properly…

  • First and foremost you need the knowledge of how search engine crawlers and their associated algorithms actually work. And this only comes from constantly learning and testing to keep up with the latest changes
  • Time, and tons of it! Our founder has spent his entire adult life (and a good portion of his later childhood) being fascinated by search engines (even before Google was a thing!) and reverse engineering how they work.
  • Actual hard cash! Domain and hosting registration for new websites, content production, staff to delegate day to day tasks to, and the list goes on and on.

We focus on organic search and local Google My Business maps listings specifically because that’s where the lions share of business is, period.

This of course ties in perfectly with Youtube video campaigns (Google loves it’s own properties and we leverage this heavily!). Couple that with how much people aka your customers love to consume video content these days…it’s a core part of our overall strategy to generate more leads.

Youtube video marketing seo company

Local SEO Consultants

While we can and do manage various national level marketing campaigns, we especially love hyper targeted geo targeted local projects.

In other words, city and state specific SEO projects.

Using our tried and true (while still being constantly tested, tweaked, and updated) marketing strategies we dominate the local SERPS (geek speak for Search Engine Results Pages) for our clients.

We determine the keywords that your customers actually search for online and apply the appropriate techniques to make sure our assets show up first for said keyword search terms.

Operating on a deep knowledge of what Google wants and how it’s algorithm truly works, and giving them what they want based on that…

Our marketing strategies are 100% in accordance with their TOS and what you would call “White Hat”. So you never have to worry about short term, spammy, “Black Hat” techniques when you work with us.

That includes both the onsite and offpage parts of the equation as well as any SEO tools or techniques applied to either.

local seo company leveraging internet marketing technique

Internet Marketing Agency

As an online marketer…it’s easy to get lost in a sea of “competitors”.

Who to trust?

Who’s full of sh$!?

Think of it this way, the proof is in the pudding as they say…

You’re here, reading this page by design, very intentionally, because of the way our site is structured and how we promote it across the web.

In other words, you wouldn’t be here if we weren’t genuinely badass at what we do!

SEM Company

While our main focus is on leveraging Google’s organic and local map listing results directly to achieve our goals, we also go broader than that to generate as many leads as possible. Search engine marketing (SEM) encompasses any digital channel possible to bring in more quality customers for our clients.

The most notable of these include:

  • Press Release marketing: This is a foundational first step of any marketing campaign that we launch. They can be the very first source of leads coming in due to the quick nature of visibility/ranking in the SERPS (the same goes for our video marketing strategies)
  • Paid ads: Primarily Google Adwords aka Pay Per Click (PPC not to be confused with Pay Per Call in this case) as they are still the 800lb Gorilla whether its “free” or paid marketing. But we also leverage targeted Facebook retargeting ads, various media buying options, etc

Digital Advertising

All of these techniques and tools are designed for one end result…to get more eyeballs on our clients assets.

To get them that phone call from the local customers that needs their services vs their competitors.

Marketing research, planning ongoing content strategies with the appropriate copywriting techniques, and so much more goes into this.

That’s why you as the business owner focus on your industry and service your customers to the best of your ability, while allowing us to fulfill on the marketing side of things.

Link Building

A discussion on SEO wouldn’t be complete without talking about backlinks.

Along with the primary ONPAGE part of the equation, the OFFPAGE part consists primarily of getting high quality, relevant links back (hence the common term “backlinks”) to the website, videos, press releases, etc that we want to “rank” for our target keywords.

This is an art and science in and of itself which can make or break a campaign.

We leverage a growing database of topically relevant, high quality websites, social platforms, citation directories, etc to effectively and safely handle this part of the search engine marketing campaign.

Real Time Lead Gen seo link building strategies