Real Example Of A Burst Pipe Related Water Damage Lead

Here’s a real life example of a water damage lead that we generated for an existing client project….

“Hi my name is David Hawkins, I live in Rochester…we had a pipe burst and have major damage and…are just looking for some help. My number is *Edited for privacy*. Thanks”

Come on guys…this is as good as it gets for resto lead gen.

Burst pipes are great (as far as mit work, obviously not cool for the homeowner, don’t read that the wrong way, you know what I mean!)…

It’s an emergency situation, highly targeted to your services, and people are not going to mess around…

They are going to call and hire the first company they see when they search Google, which will be our branded assets when you choose to work with us.

LET’S GET AFTER IT!Real Time Lead Gen burst pipe water damage leads