Related resources for your marketing and business needs

The Man (and his EPIC BOOK) that was life/business changing for us. Tim Ferriss and the 4 Hour Work Week. It’s a MUST READ (For everyone not just business owners)

Dropbox Sync and backup your files in the cloud automatically

WPX Hosting The best hosting company out there today, period. Especially focused on WordPress which is the only CMS we recommend.

Namecheap Our favorite registrar to purchase new domains from. Great prices, support, and free whois.
Buying a domain is easy

Clicky Our go to resource for tracking traffic stats. They have a great free plan as well as a very well priced paid upgraded plan.

Pro Rank Tracker The only rank tracking software we use internally and for client reports…easy to use but also very detailed, giving accurate results for seeing where your website shows up in Google for all your keywords including (if relevant) from a given specific location.

Malwarebytes Pro The best anti-virus/anti-malware software out there, period.

Roboform One of the biggest time savers you’ll ever find, by far…indispensable for managing passwords securely!

Evernote Another great tool for taking notes on the fly while backing them up automatically to the cloud (We’re all about redundancy here with backups!)

Screencastomatic A very easy to use, newbie friendly video creation software. It does a great job of recording screenshots on your computer, videos of yourself explaing your product or service, or a combination of both at the same time. Great software!

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