Restoration Leads FAQ

We wanted to answer some of the main questions that we see asked related to water damage lead generation and restoration marketing.

Where Can I Get Water Restoration Leads?

Real Time Lead Gen has been generating exclusive restoration leads for clients since 2015. Give us a call or email today to start enjoying live phone calls direct from the local homeowner to your restoration company.

How Expensive Are Water Damage Leads?

“Expensive” is a relative term really. It really depends on what you’re defining as a “lead” specifically. We are NOT selling junk form subs or stale voicemails.

We are only selling EXCLUSIVE, live phone calls direct from the local homeowner that is in immediate need of the SPECIFIC restoration service that you have to offer.

With that clarified, we sell real leads for $300 for primary water/fire/storm damage, $150 for mold remediation, and $200 for bio.

How Do I Market My Water Restoration Business?

Great question!

And the answer is to work with a marketing company that has plenty of experience in, and focuses on, the restoration industry.

That’s what we have and that’s all we do so give us a call today to get started with a customized lead gen program for your business.

How To Start A Water Restoration Company?

We have a page dedicated to exactly this question that goes over the various steps in detail.

You can learn how to start a restoration company here.

You need the proper business licenses and related paperwork along with a new commercial bank account.

Then of course you need a quality lead provider like us so you have plenty of paid jobs coming in.

How To Get Commercial Restoration Leads?

This is part of what we focus on here…large loss water damage leads.

This is where the big bucks are so we make a point to target these types of leads for clients.

Major Commercial/Industrial/Residential disasters are huge opportunities for your business, let us help you land those jobs.


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