Affordable Monthly SEO Packages

We offer the best fixed price SEO package options no matter what your particular needs are:

  • Local Small Business
  • National Corporation
  • Basic or Advanced
  • Month to month NO CONTRACT OR 10% discount with a 1 year contract

Signing up for the right package will get your website, with your product or service, in front of the right customers that want to buy what you’re selling.

Read through the options, decide what best fits your business, then email or call us to get started.

Affordable Monthly SEO Packages

Basic Package #1 $297/Month

  • Keyword research: First things first, we use Google’s own tools and data to determine the best “buyer keywords” that people are searching for in order to find your product or service. Then we adjust both on and offsite factors in our marketing campaign to make sure your site shows up #1 for those searches vs your competitors.
  • Website SEO audit and onpage optimization:
  1. Title tag, H1 tag, and meta descriptions. Three of the main factors that Google looks at when visiting your site to determine what to “rank” you for. They are also what your potential customer sees first that will cause them to click on your site vs scroll down to one of your competitors. Therefor, they need to be crafted properly for both search engines and people.
  2. Duplicate content check. Onsite duplicate content (visual or in the background code) can kill your website rankings as it doesn’t serve the customer and can confuse Google, who will penalize you for it.
  3. Making sure you have the proper robots.txt, sitemap, and video sitemap files.
  4. Setting up the proper internal and external linking.
  5. Performing speed tests and streamlining background “code bloat” so it’s not slowing your site down according. Site speed is a top ranking factor these days according to Google. Plus, customers will not stay on a slow loading site!
  6. Mobile friendly. Another big ranking factor in Google’s new “mobile first” index. They just aren’t going to keep you in their search index if your site isn’t mobile friendly. Plus, most of your customers these days are going to be finding you on their smartphones. If your site isn’t formatted right for mobile screens, your customers will quickly go elsewhere.
  7. Making sure your site is setup to convert visitors into buyers. Proper tested placement of phone numbers, pictures, text, etc for maximum conversions.
  8. Schema markup. Properly implemented schema is the way of the future for Google and will put you ahead of 99.9% of your competition (or their marketing team) who don’t even know it exists yet.
  9. Setting up the best plugins for your site for better rankings, easier management, and better customer experience.
  10. Adding SSL to your site as this is now an important Google confirmed ranking factor plus more and more of your customers are looking for that in order to feel safe visiting your site and making a purchase.
  11. We can also create a website from scratch if you don’t already have one.
  • Creation and optimization of the most important social media properties. If you already have any or all of these listings, we will optimize them for both Google rankings and customer conversions.
  1. Google My Business (Local Maps Listing)
  2. Youtube
  3. Facebook Page
  4. Twitter
  5. Linkedin
  6. Yelp
  7. Pinterest
  • Foundational Citation Building: Using your Name Address and Phone number (NAP for short) to create citations across the primary directory type sites (yelp, foursquare, etc) that Google uses to confirm your brand as well as help rank your site.
  • Foundational Linkbuilding: Creating high quality, niche/local relevant, and “white hat” backlinks from various high power websites to yours. The simple way to think of this is that Google sees these links as “votes” and the more quality votes you have the better you rank and the more customers can find you.
  • Ongoing regular updates as Google changes their algorithm. SEO is in constant flux, what Google wanted last year (or even last week) isn’t the same as what they want today. We are constantly testing and keeping up with the latest research to make sure you stay ahead of the game and are always on top no matter what.
  • Customized monthly report on traffic, rankings, and calls. We send detailed reports if you wish showing you how many visitors found your site over the course of the past month, what your current rankings are for your main keywords, as well as how many new calls were generated.

Designed for small, local businesses without much competition.


Advanced Package #2 $697/Month

Everything in Package #1 with the following additional features:

  1. Foundational citation building plus an ongoing, as needed citation building campaign.
  2. Foundational linkbuilding plus an ongoing, as needed linkbuilding campaign.
  3. Video creation and foundational video marketing campaign to accompany your branded Youtube account.

Designed for local businesses that have more competition to overcome.


Enterprise Package #3 $997/Month

Everything in Packages #1 and #2 with the following additional features:

  1. Multiple industry related updates across your various social properties that add that extra boost to your Google rankings, brand awareness, and customer engagement.
  2. Foundational citation building plus an ongoing as needed (more overall quantity plus our “Secret Sauce” enhancement) citation building campaign
  3. Foundational linkbuilding plus an ongoing as needed linkbuilding campaign (more overall quantity plus our “Secret Sauce” enhancement)
  4. Foundational video creation and marketing campaign plus ongoing new video creation and additional marketing.

Designed for local and/or national businesses in an industry or location with stiffer competition.

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If one of these 3 options isn’t the right fit for your business structure or local/national competition level, let’s discuss a customized package. Or your particular business may be better suited for our Pay Per Call/Pay Per Lead service you can read about here.

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