The Best Restoration Search Keywords To Target (Based On Personal Experience)

Even if you only have a very basic, preliminary understanding of how search engine marketing works…

…maybe you read a few articles about “this SEO stuff”.

water damage seo

I’m sure you’ve heard of “keywords” otherwise known as search terms.

In you and I’s focus industry, restoration, the most common being what I call “The Big 4” and are pretty obvious really…

  1. Water Damage Restoration
  2. Water Removal
  3. Water Mitigation
  4. Mold Remediation

Whether your using them for Google Ads PPC campaign targets, anchor texts for linkbuilding, or the basic ideas for content generation for blog posts, videos, press releases, etc…

Those are the big ones.

Those get the highest search volume by far coupled with being highly relevant as far as “commercial intent” goes.

That said, there are tons of other keywords of all sorts that are highly relevant to our water damage lead gen campaigns.

Some only get a handful of searches per month in any particular location.

That’s fine…they add up in a big way when you start optimizing and showing up in the SERPS (Search Engine Results Pages) for dozens or even hundreds of them.

Google My Business marketing

Plus, targeting these types of subset keywords like we do right from the start helps us generate those first leads for our restoration clients faster than if we only focused on THE BIG 4.

Less volume typically means less competition which means quicker initial results.

So while we spend the first few weeks or even months (depending on the size of the metro we’re targeting) setting up and getting the initial traffic going for the main keywords…

…we are snagging up the easy wins right away from a ton of these smaller, but still highly valuable keyword rankings.

And it’s when you really drill down into these super “longtails” as they’re known, that you can get not only really quick results, but also super crazy targeted traffic with “ravenous intent”.

A prime example of this is the “burst pipe” related group of search terms.

Think about it.

Who is more motivated to hire a restoration company as quickly as humanly possible than the man or woman that comes home from work to find a pipe has burst and they have water spraying all over their kitchen…

Then to find a foot of it has already accumulated in their basement!

They are going to be Googling as fast as humanly possible and clicking on the first result they see…

That result will be us/our client.

That’s what we do, and that’s why we do it…

That’s where the lion’s share of the business comes from in this industry (and most others for that matter), period, full stop!

In the nearly 9 YEARS that we’ve been doing water damage lead gen specifically…we’ve accumulated literally hundreds of exactly these kinds of keywords to target.

So, if you want to get in front of those kinds of leads vs having those jobs go to your competitors, get in touch with us today to get started…


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