Your Questions Answered – Your Concerns Addressed

I was swapping emails yesterday and today (I had also spoken with him on the phone) with a new restoration client prospect and he asked some great questions before signing up for a lead gen program…

So I figure I would copy/paste the conversation here so everyone else can benefit as well on multiple levels…

1- On a practical level as we go back and forth about specifics on what we define as a lead so it’s crystal clear, pricing and billing structures, call tracking dashboard capabilities, etc.

2- On more of a personal level which should alleviate any concerns of working with a new marketing company. There is a ton of rapport and trust built here as questions are answered and concerns are assuaged.

I really think this showcases my personal and professional code of ethics that I conduct myself by.

Justin Hess Owner Of Real Time Lead Gen


Hey Justin,

A couple of questions:
1. Disputes: what if there is water damage but the caller insists on having a plumber out first?
There is no charge for reconstruction leads correct (we get those calls every once a while…)?

My Response:

If a lead ends up having a plumber out, and they sort out the issue in full and get paid for it, I won’t bill you for that lead.

As far as disputes and invalid leads etc…I truly hate the “legalese” of contracts, it’s just a formality of doing business. In real world talk here, you don’t have to worry about invalid leads as there won’t be any.

I, or a staff member, review all call recordings before sending the weekly report for billing so that I already know they’re valid and so I know what to charge.

They are always:

1- Within your specified service area. Calls are very targeted location wise.
2- Only for the specific services that you offer (water/mold, bio/no bio, etc depending on what you check on the contract). This one’s easy with a simple IVR we have that filters and sorts all that in real time before the call goes thru.

If anything weird still slips through, just lmk, I’ll go back over the call recording to make adjustments, and take it off the final invoice w/o argument.

2. Is our $3000 shown on our dashboard as credit? If for some reason we decide to terminate the agreement before we use all of it, would we get it back?

My Response: If you don’t like the calls I send you I’ll refund your purchase in full, no questions asked.

Plus, both Google Pay and Stripe will immediately side with the buyer and refund your money immediately if a dispute is filed.

I get a lot of guys that are/were using *Edited so I don’t get sued but you know who I mean!* or *Edited so I don’t get sued but you know who I mean!* etc and they complain about getting calls for pressure washing, or roofing jobs and nonsense like that.

I’m only sending strictly restoration calls…very targeted. If some homeowner calls in for anything other than that because they thought maybe it was related enough that you would/could do the job, but don’t…I won’t bill you for the lead.

3. Is there going to be a contact for us in case we have dispute issues or for whatever other reasons?

My Response:

You’ll get a phone number that, if it isn’t answered live, the voicemails are checked and responded to at least once if not twice a day 365 days a year at 12 and/or 4pm eastern time.

Same timeframe/availability for the email contact.

4. Is there a way to put a credit card on file instead of Google pay?

My Response:

Both Google Pay and Stripe can be paid via credit or debit card when I invoice through them. I’m working with my call tracking dev to make a more integrated, automated billing system…

But right now, call recordings still have to be gone over for reasons mentioned above (validity and service type so I know what to charge) and then the invoice manually put together and sent to be paid.

All great questions thanks, I’m actually going to integrate all of those into a more comprehensive onboarding FAQ I’m working on for new clients.

LMK any other q’s, and again…I’m available for a call after 5’ish my time.

His next follow up response after that lengthy, in depth email response answering his questions and addressing his understandable concerns:

Hey Justin,

I’m totally with you on ” truly hate the “legalese” of contracts” but as the payer I have to understand what I’m paying for.
I’m not familiar with the payment platforms you mentioned, I will take your word on it (please understand, everybody can reach out to us offering leads, take the advance money and then to disappear).
I would like to start working with you, please let me know how to move forward.
My Response:

I get it, I hope my last email made it clear on how I define valid, billable leads.

And how there will never be an issue with invalid leads/billing/disputes.

Both the contract and the payment processors are for your protection and peace of mind.

You can sign what I sent you earlier in Docusign.

And then I can send an invoice via either Google Pay, which is from The Google, doesn’t get more trustworthy or secure than that. No processing fee there.


Stripe, which has been one of the most common digital payment processors on the planet for over a decade. There’s a 3.4% processing fee on that.

It might be overkill, but if you need more peace of mind…

I always have my office addresses listed in my email sig to abide by CAN-SPAM laws and on my company website as well.

Plus there’s tons of professional and personal background info between my contact, about, and personal bio pages here:

As well as the various other social accounts linked to from there, especially my Linkedin profile.
If you check the WHOIS registration date on my website it shows I’ve been using this domain for over a decade since 2012.


whois data on domain


Can’t fake that.
My Youtube channel has tons of content on it, a lot of which has me in the videos vs just being faceless, voiceless, text screenshots:


The about section has the stats on the join date and view count which is 2013 and almost 14k views.

youtube about page stats

That’s their stats, not something I can add or edit.

If you scroll down the videos section you can see I started focusing on restoration marketing specifically in 2015.

youtube restoration videos 7 years ago

The old quality is embarrassing but I leave it up for referencing it for things like this.

Point of all that is…there is nothing anonymous or “fly by night” about me or my business.

There would be no way for me to disappear with anyone’s money.

I love what I do, and am very good at what I do.

I’m around for phone calls from now till around 7pm eastern.

Otherwise I’m around for calls from 9-7 tomorrow.

You’ve probably noticed this picture that I use on various pages of my website of me and my beautiful girlfriend.


Obviously, my handsome face matches up with all of my Youtube videos! And you can tell from our phone call that my voice matches the same.


Personal picture of me and my girlfriend


I’m the real deal!


Internet marketing since the late 90’s, doing SEO and lead gen since 2007, and switched to complete focus on lead generation and marketing ONLY to the restoration industry specifically since 2015.

So there you have it guys, great questions and I hope the answers provided some insight for you as well.

Especially if you’re on the fence about signing up or have been burned by bullshit “lead gen” or maybe even worse “spammy SEO guys” in the past.

I get it.

Give me a call or shoot me an email to talk.


(570) 316-4775